YGI Flyer SW-48

The YGI Flyer SW-48 is an excellently balanced airplane that has amazing flight characteristics. A great plane to start out with, the YGI Flyer is very stable in the air and can make an exceptional trainer. This plane is recommended especially for beginners, but experts will still enjoy the ability to perform tricks with the plane.

Price: $69.95(includes $10 shipping charge to anywhere in the U.S.)

YGI Flyer SW-36

The YGI Flyer SW-36 is a 3:4 scale model of the above plane, with a shortened fuselage and shorter wing. Intended for experienced pilots, the plane enjoys tight aerial maneuvers and high speeds. However, with its semi-symmetrical wing, the pilot experiences gentle, steady landings and stable flight. This plane is the "hot rod" of the YGI Flyers!

Price: $54.95(includes $10 shipping charge to anywhere in the U.S.)

YGI Flyer SW-24

The YGI Flyer SW-24 is the newest and smallest of the sw series. It has a weight of 9 ounces ready to fly which makes it an ideal indoor flyer. The sw24 has excellent flight characteristics and feels like the larger sw series planes in flight. It is fully aerobatic but is still able to make gentle landings. With the addition of a 3 axis gyro the sw24 it can be flown in light winds with ease and able it to make slow gentle landings. The gyro used is the Hobby King ORX that weighs only 10 grams.

Price: $39.95(includes $10 shipping charge to anywhere in the U.S.)

Disclaimer: The YGI Flyers are excellent aircrafts that will give you an enjoyable flying experience. However, if you are new to flying we highly recommend that you contact your closest flying club and receive lessons from an experienced flight instructor. THESE ARE NOT TOYS! Please use caution while operating your plane and use it at a designated flying field or at a field large enough that allows the plane room to takeoff and land. You can find a club near you at this site.